This post was inspired by many life lessons that I’ve learned throughout the years. While some close to me struggled with these notions, I used them in my everyday life with positive consequences.

The secret to living an inspired and happy life is to simplify it. Yes, simplify your life to clarify what is essential to you. The more NOISE and clutter there is in your life, the less capable you are of determining what is essential to you.

Personally, I place a high value on my health, relationships, family, and fulfilling my mission. If it does not fit into one of those categories or ‘rock my boat,’ I let it go. Things that offer you the greatest pleasure and satisfaction need the least work.

Nature’s law is known as the Law of Least Effort. The premise is that nature follows this rule. Because we are a part of nature, it stands to reason that we should use the same idea in our daily lives to make this rule work for us.

Here are some guidelines that I believe you may find useful. Apply them gently at first. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t notice immediate results. It takes time, patience, and effort to produce anything of worth. The seed sprouts from under the earth, much like a plant, in the early stages, most of which is undetectable to human sight.

1. Surround yourself with wonderful people.

Friends, relatives, coworkers, and those who provide support and encouragement are examples of great people. Great individuals accept you for who you are while fostering your own development. They are there for you when you need them.

Great individuals make you feel motivated and energized rather than depleted. These folks are referred to as grave diggers. They drain and deplete your vital force energy.

I notice such folks because they stick out from the throng these days. They are always searching for something from you and are hesitant to offer it back. Stay away from them since they rob you of your long-term satisfaction and capacity to simplify your life.

2. Let rid of items that no longer benefit you.

I’ve discussed this idea in prior postings. Getting rid of things that no longer serve you tells us that we must be prepared to let go of those things that drain our vitality to simplify our lives.

Some examples are people, objects, meetings, relationships, travel, behaviors, or routines. Remove them from your life if they no longer provide you pleasure. The trick is to not substitute anything else.

Make room for something amazing to appear, and trust that it will fill the hole. Nature despises vacuum cleaners. Have trust that as you advance in removing things of little or no value, something greater will emerge to take their place.

3. Material things do not provide pleasure; experiences do.

Perhaps it is the fault of society or the mainstream media that we have been sold the notion that pleasure comes from owning goods – a great automobile, a nice home, clothing, a vacation home, and so on. Sure, it does for a while. Happiness may linger for days, months, or even years.

Newspapers are full of tales of individuals who inherit millions, only to be even sadder than before. This is not due to a lack of funds but financial issues.

The acquisition of material goods exacerbates pre-existing fears. Having more will not bring you happiness; it will just offer you more reasons to be miserable.

Concentrate on experiences, such as surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones who appreciate you. Travel more; practice random acts of kindness; and, if you so choose, do some charitable work. The goal is to seek out experiences that are both meaningful and rewarding.

I appreciate anything that involves a creative endeavor. It pulls out my inner intellect and makes me feel alive. I appreciate exercising because it enables me to move my body as nature intended. I feel more in touch with my mind and body, and I have more energy to accomplish activities I like. Another favorite pastime is riding my bike near the ocean and eating supper with loved ones regularly.

4. Get in touch with your natural self.

Being in sync with your nature advises you to stay connected to your source. NATURE is you. Stay connected to this source; you will feel the universe’s aliveness and pure energy grow through you.

So, how do you keep in touch with your natural tendencies? Consider the following steps:

Be generous and compassionate to yourself and others.

Think upbeat and inspiring ideas.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Consume healthful, organic foods.

Concentrate on giving and receiving energy, money, words, and ideas.

Create satisfying partnerships

Participate in your community.

Respect Mother Nature and take care of the environment.

Help others achieve what they desire; you will get more of what you need.

Be at ease with yourself and your position in the world.

Consider the big picture while acting locally.

We are on the verge of inventing a new way of living for all of humanity. As we become more aware of our destiny, this new way of life combines spirit and matter. Under the old guard, the old paradigm is crumbling to make room for the new.

These developments signal a new way of looking at the world like never before. Be open to new experiences. Allow yourself to let go of the old and outmoded to welcome a new way of looking at life. Remove your preconceived notions about how life should unfold. These concepts keep you stuck in the past, unable to go forward.

The moment has come. This manner of life provides me a lot of pleasure and fulfillment. You realize that, in the end, people need little to be happy. The fundamental necessities ensure that our requirements are always supplied.

Mother Nature is considerably wiser than we give her credit for. She has given us INNER resources to suit our needs, but we selfishly pursue EXTERNAL goals in the hope of being happy – it seldom works that way.

Make a commitment to simplifying your everyday life. Reduce your environmental effect by reducing waste and nonrenewable materials. Maintain a clean, healthy, and uncluttered lifestyle. Your reward will be a rational existence full of pure simplicity.

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