A Healthy Home is Necessary for a Healthy Lifestyle

one must consider more than just eating well, exercising regularly, and taking vitamin
supplements to promote a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body requires a healthy environment to provide the all-around support that goes along with a healthy lifestyle – and using green
cleaning products may assist.
Using aggressive cleaning chemicals leads to harmful indoor air quality, not to mention a
deadly chemical cocktail that ends up in the septic system or the municipal sewage system.
Because of worries about the health of our planet, the usage of green cleaning solutions is
becoming more important. However, individuals must recognize that beginning their
environmental efforts at home is the most effective approach to making a big impact in
maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Natural solutions typically outperform harsh chemical
cleaners; organically, the environment will remain greener for longer. As a result, green
cleaning is becoming more popular among individuals devoted to living a healthy lifestyle.
Many of the most effective green cleaning solutions that contribute to healthy living are
manufactured with enzymes and bacteria that safely and efficiently eliminate organic stains and smells safely and efficiently. Organic stains that are difficult to remove include grass, fruit juices, blood, and wine. In addition to removing stains, all-natural enzymatic cleansers may break down organic odor-producing chemicals. Green cleaning solutions operate on stains and smells by adhering to the pollutant and breaking it down into two different molecules, altering its chemical structure. The stain or odor molecule has deteriorated and no longer has the properties that define it as a stain or an odor.

Enzymatic cleansers have several applications for promoting a healthy lifestyle, including the removal of smells generated by smoking, bathrooms, trashcans, litter boxes, nursery pails,
kennels, and so on, as well as the removal of stains, all without the use of hazardous
chemicals. The advantages of using green cleaning solutions are evident, including
eliminating poisonous aromas in the home caused by cleaning chemicals that are hazardous to inhale and to have on your skin or in your eyes. You are also maintaining your septic system and the pipes that lead to it in better condition. More significantly, you won’t have to worry about harsh cleaner residue damaging your healthy lifestyle or the health of your family or pets. Other enzyme green cleaning solutions are designed to break down waste in septic systems.


If you have a septic tank in your yard and have had it pumped, you know how costly and
inconvenient it can be. Using a waste degrader that employs enzymes and lives bacteria is a
safe and highly efficient approach to eating liquid waste, transforming it into benign
molecules such as water, carbon dioxide, and minimum solids while safeguarding one’s
healthy lifestyle. Cooking and grease, body oils that come off in the shower or bath, and
sewage from restrooms are examples of organic waste. Biodegrading organic waste is a
straightforward, safe, cost-effective solution to avoid septic tank and drain field issues.
What can you do about antifreeze leaks, transmission oil, power steering fluid, and engine oil on your driveway and garage floor? The most common cleaning solvents are harsh,
extremely alkaline soaps and hydrocarbon-based cleansers, incompatible with a healthy
lifestyle. These solvents are harmful to people, and after the leak has been repaired, the
contaminated rags are thrown into a rubbish container or bagged for disposal in a landfill.
The issue is being moved to a new position in your house (hold your breath! ), only to be Putin a landfill at enormous long-term public cost. Enzyme and bacterial green cleaning
solutions provide a safe and efficient way to decompose automobile fluids. The issue is fixed (or “dissolved and degraded”) at home and is easily removed with a little dish detergent and water.

Enzyme-based green cleaning solutions may also be used in pools and spas. They emulsify
and digest skin oils, suntan lotions, and other organic impurities, keeping the water pure and
removing the host environment or substrate that would otherwise enable algae to develop.
Using enzymes improves a healthy lifestyle by lowering the number of chemicals required to
keep the water clean, such as chlorine, which helps reduce the adverse effects of using such
chemicals, such as stinging, watery eyes, and itchy, dry skin. Furthermore, using an
enzyme-based green cleaning regimen helps maintain the filter lines clear, and this green
method may save the user money and time.
Another lesser-known use for a green cleaning system, including enzymes and bacteria, is
as a soil conditioner for lawns and gardens. Using fertilizers annually is just a waste of time
and money, and it may negatively influence a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention the run-off that enters the streams, rivers, and lakes that provide drinking water. You may aerate and
oxygenate the soil by applying a soil conditioner (enzymes and surfactants created from
bacteria), which breaks down the complex nutrients and feeds the plants and grass by
making the nutrients readily digested by the roots.

Enzymes are naturally produced in the human body, animals, plants, and microbes. Nature
has used them for billions of years, and we now understand how effective and safe they can
be in our daily lives. So, the next time you go shopping, read the labels and educate yourself on safe, natural cleaning products. With so many ‘green cleaning products on the market,
you’re bound to discover something to supplement your healthy lifestyle.

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