Generally friendship is one of most important aspect of our daily lives.friend can be your class mate,coworker,wife,girl friend,husband,boyfriend or anybody but friends can you make successful  or unsuccessful.lets we look at the friends that makes you successful. There are different kind of good friends check if you can become a friend like this

  1. The helper

As a good friend

The helper can be identified by these things:

  • by protecting you when you are vulnerable

we all have vulnerable times in life so helper friend will protct you in this time.

  •  likewise your wealth,

he will protect your wealth

  • being a refuge when you are afraid

he will act as a refugee when you don’t know what to do

  •  various tasks providing double what is requested

he will carryout different task to help you to succeed in different

  1. The friend who endure in good times and bad
  2. by telling you secrets.

He/She will tell you secrtets

  • guarding your own secrets closely

further he/she will never expose your secrets.

  • not abandoning you in misfortune

he/she will guide you to avoid unfortunate situations

  •  even dying for you.

He/she is ready to guide in in any kind of difficult situations


  1. The mentor
  2. restraining you from wrongdoing

hw /she will not allow you to do bad things

  • guiding you towards good actions

As a good friend he/she will guide you for good deeds

  • Telling you what you ought to know

He/she will tell you what are things that you want to know

  • Showing you the path to heaven.

Basically good friend will show you the path for heaven

  1. The compassionate friend

further as a good compassionate friend he/She

  • rejoicing in your misfortune
  • delighting in your good fortune

the good friend is happy whe you are successful

  • preventing others from speaking ill of you

He/She will not allow you to speak bad about you

  • Encouraging others who praise your good qualities.

He/She will always say and promote about your good qualities

So now you know few important point about good friends. Do you any have ideas regarding this if you feel free to comment bellow.

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