People often rush through life, perplexed as to why their lives seem imbalanced or why they feel empty, ill, stressed out, irritated, and so on. I’d like to share with you something that many overlook: your health is essentially made up of a triangle or three interrelated points. If you follow them…listen to them, your life will alter dramatically for the better. These are their names:

Physical Fitness

To begin, let me state that not everyone is an athlete. And not everyone wants to work out or be outdoors all the time. Some folks just aren’t cut out for this. However, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to maintain physical fitness to benefit your entire health, which is not an easy feat. If you must, take up a pastime. Simply try to find something athletic that you like and that your family could enjoy as well. If you can sustain an exercise plan on your own, by all means, do so. Maintaining as much activity as possible is critical!

Eating well is equally important for physical health. You do not need to monitor calories or carbohydrates or start a diet. However, you should consider whether your food consumption suits your body’s norms. “Does what I eat cause me to feel sleepy or tired?” Alternatively, “do I often feel ill or too full after a meal?” When it comes to your eating habits, there are several questions you may have. The simplest and most convenient approach to controlling your diet is to ask yourself whether you should’ be eating what you’re going to eat. The simple part is coming up with viable alternatives.

Finally, you should consider chastising yourself for your undesirable behaviors. Having total balanced health is a lifestyle adjustment. There are no miracle diet medications or routines. If you smoke, you should give up. Many individuals who may offer this to you are unaware of how tough the process is. I do. There came a period in my life when I had to decide to make a “lifestyle shift” and free myself of the toxins in my life. You can do it…in fact, you can do anything you set your mind to. And I can promise you that it is well worthwhile! We’ll get to it shortly. Meanwhile, evaluate any other negative habits you may have developed over the years (i.e., eating too much, watching too much television, sleeping too often, etc.). Purging your life of activities that sap your ambition is one of the first steps toward truly altering your life.

Emotional Well-Being

Consider your daily activities and determine what is causing the most significant amount of stress in your life. Is it your partner, career, family, or money? It might be any of these and more, or it could be many things at once. But, whatever it is, remember that stress may be fatal. That’s correct, a murderer! No one can expect to live a stress-free life, but there are certain aspects of our lives that we CAN manage. And with these, we must be resolute, have courage, and act! If your partner is giving you stress, you must examine your relationship and determine what you need to do to calm the situation and eliminate as much tension as possible from the equation. The same may be said for employment, school, or anything else. Manage the things you CAN control so you are better equipped to deal with the ones you cannot.

Mental Wellness

This is the most complex aspect, and it is also the most underappreciated. When I say mental health, I don’t mean emotionally (we’ve already spoken about it), nor do I mean have you or have you not gone insane. I mean that the mind may be a strong weapon or a formidable opponent. And, so to be clear, I am not implying that actual disease or illness does not occur. But I’ve seen with my own eyes how the imagination can transform a work of fiction into a very real reality. The mainstream media has conditioned us to think that we are inherently unwell. We have clinical depression, restless leg syndrome, thyroid issues, sleeping troubles, etc. Not to add that everything promotes cancer, hypertension, and diabetes! Please hold the phone! I nearly don’t want to continue living with all of that DANGER! The truth is that we can use our thoughts to persuade our bodies that we have a problem. And it does not have to be so severe that you ‘think’ you have a disease, as a hypochondriac could. This might just be a ‘fear’ of having an illness or the simple conviction that everything we eat is causing us to develop tumors, ADD, and RLS… Again, I am not arguing that some, if not all, of these diseases, do not exist. I’m also not arguing that it’s all in your head whenever you become sick. However, to balance our health, we must clear our brains of toxic thoughts since the mind is more powerful than anything, capable of both good and evil.

If you see life and health as an ideally equal lateral triangle, it is simple to understand how each of the three health points affects us. If any of those points is wrong, the triangle’s equilibrium is thrown off. And it is this imbalance that is exclusively responsible for over-stress, over-sickness, over-grief and despair, and over-anxiety, among many other problems. Make use of the chance to live that you have in this life. The difficult part is getting there, but once there, we discover that ‘healthy’ living brings us more delight than any of the things we now believe we would miss.

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