We are really delighted to share with you the seven health concepts. We’re investigating what may help you live a lively, happy, rewarding, and healthy life. Of course, any information we provide is just information, not medical advice. You are, however, free to obtain your own medical advice, preferably from a health expert. However, this knowledge relates to tried-and-true procedures that have stood the test.

So you’ve probably heard a lot about my health and lifestyle and the seven health principles. There are several perspectives on these ideas. In general, we are discussing the most important health concepts. Sure, there may be a few that you might include in your life, but these are unquestionably the most important ones you must incorporate into your way of life. In fact, the whole purpose of this post is to help you appreciate them so that you may live a healthy life for yourself.

We don’t want people to become ill, and we especially don’t want them to rely on prescription medicines when they don’t have to. Is there any reason for us to believe this? Because there are many natural health practices, you may take to avoid illnesses in the first place. Alternative health methods are undoubtedly an option. For example, you may examine your diet and analyze what you eat daily. Is it really poisonous to your body, or is it beneficial? Are you unwittingly constructing or destroying structures in your body? These are the foundations for the seven health principles. It gives you the impression that you can go ahead constructively for your body rather than a bad one. If you impede your own development and the natural cleansing processes of your body, you are stopping yourself from being healthy. We’ll merely scratch the surface, looking at the notion from a broad perspective since there’s a wealth of knowledge accessible on the subject, and there’s only so much we can provide. But we’re happy to discuss these topics, which you may implement in your daily life. That’s the allure of it. Using health concepts to assist you in taking care of yourself daily.


Let’s start with the first one, Whole Foods. Natural whole foods include fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, herbs, and other naturally produced and unprocessed items. You can just pull them off the platter and eat them without preparation. So how is it that for millennia, people have cared for themselves and avoided the same problems we are now facing? We seem to have become sicker and frailer. That’s because of the processed meals we’ve been eating lately. We’ve thrown off the balance of natural foods that we should be eating. When we look at the modern Western diet, we see that we have too much sugar and saturated fats, and we swap water for sodas or colas. It’s simply not right since our whole body is thrown off course. Our bodies demand natural nutrients or nourishment to create and heal themselves, yet they don’t receive it most of the time. So, if our bodies receive something different from entire meals, we should anticipate different effects. That is why people today are far sicker than those who lived several centuries ago. The processed food revolution of the previous century has drastically altered and degraded our health. We could look at whole foods as real eye-openers if we go back and embrace the principle of natural health food the way they used to do many, many years ago when people did not experience the health problems that we are experiencing today because their bodies were not laden with chemicals or impurities. This is a fundamental principle of good health, as with ingesting fruits on their own, with their healing capabilities and potential to bring energy and vigor to our bodies. It is only a question of consuming fruits, which will improve our energy and keep us healthy and steady. Since they will be eliminated swiftly, we won’t have to worry about viruses, germs, and other potentially hazardous agents entering our bodies. Vegetables are also wonderful sources of nutrition since they help build our bodies and keep us robust and healthy. This is particularly true if you eat low GI foods like sweet potatoes, brown rice, beetroots, carrots, etc. They will significantly aid in the strengthening of our bodies.

It’s amusing to speak about entire foods, herbs, and spices. Consider the ancient Chinese ways or the ancient civilizations that employed herbs to treat and cure things. These are the reasons why they are effective. Certain herbs target certain areas of the body, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t include them in your diet. Any inquiry or knowledge of Chinese medicine and ancient traditions may lead you to some of these plants. It’s thrilling to think that you can use things in your life just as they did thousands of years ago to alleviate diseases. Nuts, seeds, and various berries are very nutritious. You may include them into your diet as entire foods to help you progress as a healthy human.

Milk is another them that is often cited. Nothing is wrong with milk. If it’s raw milk, it has all of the nutrients that your body needs. It’s high in protein and vital fats and offers you energy.

Another thing I’d like to add is genuine, raw honey. It contains enzymes that may significantly enhance immunity and is also antimicrobial. It stands out in terms of providing excellent health and vigor, and you can even use it for exterior wounds. If you receive a cut or a lesion, honey may help cure the wound while keeping it clean. As you can see, a plethora of natural and whole foods may assist you in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And, as the saying goes, it’s never too late to include them in your diet. That is if you have previously lacked them. There’s no reason why you can’t start using them today to help enhance and modify your lifestyle, allowing it to be a healthier one.


Water is yet another health concept. As you may know, we are all made up of more than 70% water, which is used extensively to form new cells in our bodies. Water is a fundamental component of our being, and we should allow it to collaborate with us. You are doing yourself a disservice and denying your body optimal health and nourishment by not drinking water. On a cellular level, you must understand that each cell requires the supply and removal of certain nutrients. If you look at one cell, you may see that it contains a building component that requires a certain nutrient to operate properly. It can only get there if there is enough water in the system. Because we are electrically charged organisms, electrically charged water benefits us. We live off the energy that flows through our bodies. Inside humans, pulses flow here and there to carry electrical impulses to and from the brain and other sections of our bodies, such as cells, muscle groups, etc. So, for this to occur, water must be a key component. Salted water is also delicious. Because you have the proper charge if you eat the right quantity of salt, the transfer of nutrients and energy between cells will be simpler.

Drinking enough water is key to any successful weight-loss or fitness program. This is because water can eliminate and wash away poisons and extra fat cells that the body does not need. Your body will not be able to complete this procedure effectively if you do not drink enough water. As you can see, water is an important component of the body’s system. Let us keep it going and seek to expand it in the future. In addition, we should consume at least eight glasses of water daily. If you’re a bigger individual carrying extra weight, you may need to boost that to 10-12 glasses daily. It also relies on the structure of your body. If you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated from a lack of water. The goal is to maintain your water levels at a suitable level. The quantity of perspiration you generate and the color of your urine are strong indicators of this. If the color of your urine is hazy yellow, drink additional water to make it clearer and lighter in hue. It’s also an issue of preserving it. As a result, water is a crucial component.


Air comes next. It is vital to humans for the simple reason that we need it when we breathe. But, as you may know, every cell in our body depends on oxygen to exist, and we must enable our bodies to breathe; every cell must breathe. As a result of inadequate oxygen flowing through us, we will gradually asphyxiate, and poisons will not be discharged. As a result, enough breathing is critical. You may also acquire electrically charged air if you walk outdoors. It is quite significant. If you travel to the beach or are near a lightning strike, you may notice some ozone in the air. The ozone may be smelled, particularly if lightning breaks around you. It’s the same fragrance you get when you go to the beach; it’s the smell of the ocean. That is really beneficial to you, O3. It simply gives you life and vigor, heightens your senses and energy levels, and is generally beneficial to your health. In fact, taking five deep breaths many times every day will help your whole body to be regenerated. Deep breathing is beneficial because it expands your airways and raises oxygen levels.


Sunshine is the next fundamental of health. Getting adequate sunlight is essential for good health and vigor. Now, I’m not suggesting you should go out and get tanned. I mean that you should spend 20 to 30 minutes a day outside in the sun. Now, if feasible, do it during the “safe-sun” hours, normally before ten a.m. and after two p.m., since the sunlight between ten a.m. and two p.m. will probably get you burnt a little easier. As a result, receiving adequate sunshine is critical. Allowing more sunlight to infiltrate or be absorbed by your body and exposing more of your skin to the sun can provide you with energy much faster.

We all know that Vitamin D is obtained from the sun, and it is critical for your health and recognizing your nutrients to break down and be received into your body. It’s almost like a portal via which Vitamin D permits minerals to be effectively absorbed into your body. So, this procedure won’t operate effectively if you don’t have enough Vitamin D. You will also discover that you have many flaws. You may also be concerned about skin cancer. We have differing opinions about it. I don’t think we can acquire skin cancer from the sun; it’s more about the poisons and impurities in our skin that get burnt and turn against us. So, how come we never had melanoma or skin cancer concerns previously, and then all of a sudden, we have melanomas within the past 50 years? Does this imply that the sun has shifted? Or is it because we’ve evolved, as have our diets? I believe it is more likely a result of the latter. Our diets have undoubtedly altered. The issue is the number of chemicals and radiation in our bodies. The sunshine interacts with these chemicals and pollutants in the body, under the skin, and they turn against us. So, a small amount of sunshine daily, within the safe-sun intervals, will really benefit more than damage. Everyone must recognize the importance of sunlight in one’s health.

If you’re not feeling well if you’re feeling unwell and out of sorts, take a stroll in the sun. Allow your body to be exposed to the sun for 20-30 minutes. You’ll feel your energy levels radiate out of you and feel a lot better afterward, and it’s fantastic to witness that it truly works. If it can help plants grow and living creatures prosper, it must also benefit you. So, don’t only believe people who claim that the sun will harm you when it may really do you good. It is an issue of appropriate management and execution. Sunlight is very beneficial to one’s health.


Exercise and mobility are other important aspect. This is the fifth of the seven principles. You must move; you must exercise. When I say exercise, I don’t mean you have to run a marathon. I’m suggesting you can go outside and do some walking, stretching, and general motions throughout your whole body. This will benefit you more than the damage you. In reality, we have lymph nodes all throughout our bodies, and they are not pumped by the heart. Because the heart pumps the lymph nodes, their fluids are not circulated. Instead, they circulate as a result of your emotions, activity, and massage. As a result, you must continue to do so. Otherwise, they will accumulate, causing difficulties in your lymph glands. It is also critical to constantly drain and move them, or they will get sluggish and blocked with contaminants.

I’m sure everyone can move around, stroll about, stretch, and get up and about. This means you may go out for 20-30 minutes each day, and it will be much simpler if you have a schedule. If you don’t have one, you can stretch and move your whole body whenever you go out. It will be quite beneficial to you. So, once again, you must move if you’re feeling under the weather. You must stretch and circulate the fluids in your body so that you are cleaned, and toxins are eliminated from your body. Some parts of your body need movement to push toxins out; if you don’t move, they will sit and become stagnant. If you notice folks with a lot of fluid in their legs, particularly seniors, it’s because they’re simply sitting there, and the fluid builds up. Now, if you want to keep your body parts vibrant and alive, you must move about so that fresh blood may flow through your body and the portions that aren’t moving much. So, movement and exercise are essential to flush out toxins in your body.


Regeneration is number six on the list of health principles. Rest, relaxation, restoration, and regeneration are all included. That implies everyone has to get some rest. Everyone must lie flat with their heads and parallel to the earth’s surface. This allows you to relax, renew, and recover. Our bodies are built so that magnetism and an electrical charge may flow freely. You must be lying down to perform this. Have you ever worked so hard that you simply wanted to collapse? That is the sensation you get when your body is telling you that enough is enough and that it needs to rejuvenate. It’s like a good battery: it can only last so long before it runs out of juice. You can’t operate properly if it’s gone. That is why regeneration is essential.

As part of regeneration, when you lay down and shut your eyes, you should not attempt to tamper with your smartphone, iPhone app, or another electronic device since your brain is another organ that needs rest and recovery. That involves turning off the conscious mind and allowing it to regenerate. When you lie down and relax, you are also resting your brain. And you must have intervals of relaxation every day when you do nothing but sit and contemplate. Rest and recover. That includes psychologically as well. Otherwise, you will experience burnout later on, which we do not want. Rest and relaxation will undoubtedly restore your health if you’re feeling poorly. Rest and sleep will help your body repair, and your brain will go back into gear and reset itself every night if you’re feeling fatigued. It’s also critical that you obtain at least six hours of sleep every day. If you don’t, you’re actually defrauding yourself, and you’ll pay the price later on, and you’ll suffer emotionally as a result. As a result, you must receive six to eight hours of sleep every day. Rest and recoup, lay flat down, and let your body restart and rebuild itself. That is exactly what the cells require: renewal.


The seventh and final health principle is Relationship and Passion. Everyone has to establish strong connections; whether with a stranger or coworker, you should treat them as you want to be treated. This also applies to long-term relationships with friends and loved ones. You desire to elevate and establish connections with positive individuals. You do not desire negative connections that will break you down and ruin you. And this also applies to your overall wellness. Positive connections grow, while negative ones demolish and tear down. You must notice this because if you are continuously surrounded by toxic individuals who batter and drag you down, your health will also suffer. So it’s a question of limiting your time and exposure to poisonous individuals while cultivating and enabling good ones to offer you greater influence.

Another consideration is passion. If you are enthusiastic about anything, you want to devote more time to that activity. This covers your favorite pastime, sport, as well as your friends and family. You’d like to spend time with these folks or pursue these interests. We have nothing without hope, as the phrase goes. Now, we must have something in our life for which we will struggle, wake up every day, and go ahead, which is our passion. It’s crucial to have hope in our life, whether for a relationship, for self-improvement, or for a pastime or activity that we truly like. After all, what are we here for if we don’t have a passion? What exactly are we doing?

It is also a desire for your Creator in passion and connection. God is a wonderful source of comfort. You may think I’m becoming spiritual, but it’s true. Everyone needs a connection with the Creator. Everyone needs a spiritual connection in their lives. You must reach out and recognize it. It isn’t just about you. You are a part of the bigger creation, a greater existence, and a greater purpose. Having a good connection with your family and friends is fantastic, but having a good relationship with the Creator is much better. It’s critical to have a passion, a desire for these things, and an inner drive where you know where you’re going and what you’re doing. Spiritualism is important. Being enthusiastic about something other than oneself is also essential.

So far, we’ve spoken about Whole Foods, Water, Air, Sunshine, Exercise and Movement, Regeneration, Relationships, and Passion. If you connect all of these things together, live by them, and utilize them as a driving force in your life, you will have a fantastic and healthy existence. And that is what this is all about: health and living the correct way. You will undoubtedly perform effectively and healthily.

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