I’ve lived more than I want to remember, but they all were healthy years. This didn’t happen because I had ‘excellent genes’ (I don’t) or because I got fortunate and beat the odds (I didn’t), but because I wanted to be healthy and work toward that goal.

Who doesn’t want to be healthy, you would ask? All you have to do, my friend, is sit at the mall for 30 minutes on any given Saturday and watch the folks strolling by to obtain your answer. Apparently, very few! Obesity and its associated ailments are rising, hospital emergency visits are rising, and sick individuals are flocking to pharmacies in record numbers to stock up on medications that do little to enhance their health.

We have been tricked into health complacency as a consenting society. That is, we have a herd mentality, both individually and collectively, trusting TV commercials, nightly news, and hoards of so-called experts telling us what is and isn’t healthy for our health. We have abandoned common sense and the God-given healing abilities of the human body. Instead, we receive injections, immunizations, prescription medicines, and incorrect counsel because we are instructed to. Few of us take the time and make an effort to educate ourselves about health concerns.

Our health is the most essential problem confronting every human being, but we behave as if being overweight and out of shape is fashionable. We proudly display our health illiteracy. When questioned, everyone will respond, “I want to be healthy.” So, with that premise in place, allow me to offer a common-sense approach to living a healthy life for the rest of your life.

To begin, you must begin to think for yourself. Question the authorities who demand you, not irreverently, but with curiosity. Find out all you need to know to make your own health choices.

Decisions must always be made with your health in mind, not with what others are doing.

You will almost certainly not succeed unless you are serious about staying healthy for the rest of your life and prepared to do whatever it takes. To be entirely healthy, you must adopt a health-promoting lifestyle. This isn’t some commercial about living a healthy lifestyle in four simple steps for just $29.99 plus shipping and handling. This will have to be a lifelong dedication to remaining healthy.

When I say healthy, I mean free of sickness and debilitating conditions, not just the usual cold (which you won’t have many) or the odd bug. Although, if your immune system is in good shape, even the typical flu will have difficulty infecting you. If you do unwell, it will be for a very brief period with no long-term consequences.

I haven’t seen a doctor in over 40 years, and it was just for a sore throat. (Wrong idea)

I’ve had the flu a couple times and a headache here and there, but nothing else. My wife is the same way despite having no health difficulties. As a young adult, I decided to live a healthy lifestyle and have never strayed from it. I am certain that everyone of any age may benefit from a beneficial lifestyle change.

The goal is straightforward: Live Long and Live Healthily.

Some of the things I’ll mention here may make you angry and cause you to quit reading, but at least I started you thinking for yourself. Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor or a medical expert but someone who has lived a relatively long life, walked the walk and spoken the talk. Some things appear to be simple, but they are not.

1. Personal fortitude with a ferocious belief that I am worth the work required to accomplish.

2. Never give in to aging; treat your body as you would at 30, and it will react if properly conditioned. (side note): I climb trees, make sprints, jump from high places, and do everything I did as a child without stopping; therefore, the body reacts.

3. Demand the finest for your body and refuse to accept anything less. Put nothing in or on your body that you would not want your children to put in or on.

4. The food police will tell you what to eat and what not to eat, but I can assure you that if you consume any food in moderation and with a wide variety, you will be healthier. Specifically, I consume a lot of meat, potatoes, veggies, fruits, and desserts. Everything is done in moderation, with no fried meat and all vegetables and fruits free of pesticides and toxins. Consume reasonable quantities at each meal to avoid overeating. Remember, we eat to keep our bodies functioning correctly, and most don’t need much food. I believe that eating has been elevated to a magnificent event in which we must consume as much as possible at each sitting. Enjoy your meal, but remember that you eat because it is necessary.

5. Drink plenty of pure water with no chemical additions.

6. Limit your sugar intake and use salt sparingly.

7. Preservatives and colors in packaged foods are unnatural to the human body.

8. Wash (scrub) fruits and vegetables before eating them since they will be contaminated with chemicals unless they are organic.

9. Because of cancer-causing chemicals, frying food is prohibited.

10. My overarching principle for what I put in my body is fairly straightforward.

If it contains a man-made ingredient, such as preservatives or colors, or any of those lengthy, difficult-to-pronounce technical titles, I’m sure I don’t want to consume it.

11. Exercise is beneficial, but don’t overdo it. Here, discretion is required. I’ve discovered that cross-country walking is a lot of fun and a terrific workout for the whole body. Walking my two golden retriever puppies also keeps me on my toes. The goal here is to be active EVERY DAY, remembering that this is a way of life.

Doing outside physical activities like lawn mowing is a huge advantage; you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors while still reaping health benefits.

12. Enjoy life and laugh often. Surround yourself with people that care about you.

13. Because stress is a killer, it is critical to avoid stressful circumstances. I am certain that stress is our society’s number one health risk. Stress significantly strains our immune system’s ability to defend us from illness, and a weaker immune system opens the door to various health issues.

14 Use only natural substances as a supplement.

15. Finally, or possibly first and foremost, maintain your own faith.

What I’ve stated is vital to living a healthy life for the rest of your life, but it would be a hollow existence if I wasn’t married to my soul partner and completely devoted to our marriage. When you can share your life with the person you care about, life’s worries fade, and pleasure is simple to discover.

I strongly advise you to enroll in a health plan that does not rely on government assistance or insurance company premiums; rather, this health plan is based only on you and your dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Why not join up right now?

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