Have you guys ever thought that every day we come across 7 types of wives in society?

Let’s see who are those and how can we differentiate them in accordance with their qualities

Out of these 7 , 4 types are heading towards happiness and 3 types more towards unhappiness

Since happiness is the one always, we want first. Let’s find out which types drive more towards happiness

Motherly wife;

Here you will act as a mother to your beloved husband. You try to look after your husband without thinking any gain exactly how mother does and how mother feel for their children and always try to protect their wealth as one of their duties.

Sisterly wife ;

One of the best relationships in the world you could ever find is a brother sister relationship.

How you share a lovely bond with your brother it’s pretty much the same here as well. You will be obedient and respectful towards your husband and always wishes to make him happy every possible way.

Friendly wife ;

Have you ever heard that you should always try to make your husband your best friend? Is there anything we cannot do for our best friend or can hide anything from our best friend? So same applies here

You are very faithful and very loyal and behave well and in a moral way. There would always be happiness and harmony. in short , sight of husband itself  will bring happy smile to your face

Slave wife ;

Hey do not worry.. The definition is totally different what comes to your mind when you read this word

Here what says is you always try to help your husband every possible way you could and you won’t get angry even  when he says something harsh and you understand the situation and the shortcomings of you when he points it out.

Now let’s see which type heading to the unhappiness

Destructive wife ;

If you are a kind of wife that doesn’t respect your husband at all, yells at your husband, expresses deep hatred, is coldhearted and very fond of other men. In short you can’t be satisfied with your husband and you are basically a troublemaker for your husband then here is the category for you to be fit.

Thievish wife ;

If you are a wife who spends unnecessarily, thoughtlessly and do not be honest regarding money then this is your type

You waste the money in a foolish and reckless manner without thinking about what your husband or your family have gone through to earn this money.

Mistress wife ;

Have you seen wives who always complain about everything, not seeing any good in anything or always arguing with their husband and being lazy, being unpleasant and being annoyed easily, being rude and trying to dominate the husband and always deciding what he should do without taking his opinion. Then all those wives fit in to this category

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