Have you ever thought about your friends?

What kind of friends do you have?

Are they really giving you happiness?

Do you feel really relax when you see them or when you have a chat with them?

Do you know there are two types of friends who can make your life either miserable or a heaven?

How can we identify who makes our lives miserable? It’s quite difficult since it’s not clearly visible since we blindly trust our friends.

Support your every wrong decision

If your friend stands beside you though you are wrong without trying to correct you. Then he/she is definitely not a good friend of yours.. He/She never wants you to do best in your life. You may also feel that this is the best buddy anyone could ever have in one’s life since they stand with your every decision.You may even think  He/She is the only person who really cares about you.

Supporting only by words

Some may help you only by words. They will always say to ask any help whenever you need and try to convince that he/she can give even his/her life for you, but when you need a help you may not able to find them ,you cannot even contact them over the phone or else they may be very busy in their life and not being able to find even 5 minutes for you. Some may always keep saying that I am this much generous that much generous but when it comes to action you may not be able to even find them.

He/She talks with you very nicely and praises whatever you do whether it is good or bad .Always agree on whatever you say. Show that he/she thinks that you are always right. He/She just wants to win your heart and they do not care about the outcome. He/ She may act in a way that He/ She can do anything for you and make you believe that nothing is more important than you. But when you are not around  he/ she will talk bad about you,  your bad qualities or anything you have done wrongly and try making fun of you and also they do not even think twice to put you down in front of others.

Lead to the bad deeds

He/She never wants you to make correct decisions in your life. Never wants you to follow the religious pathway. He/She never try to direct you to the meritorious deeds

Reckless companion

Toxic friends may not want a reason to take you to have a drink, partying or gambling.They will ask you to lie to your loved ones .And also they will try to convince you that saying this is a small thing, not a wrong thing , nothing is there to worry about and they make you feel that you will  be relaxed, you will feel better ,you can forget all your problems .But unknowingly you will be addicted to it and you may lose all your earning , all the respect and when you lose everything you may not able  to find any of them who always surround you when you had everything.

Be only for benefits

He/She may stand with you only when you have wealth, fame, power and everything. He/She will take all the benefits he could take by pretending a heaven surrounding you. But when something wrong happens or if you lose your money and fame he/she will vanish. He/she won’t give his/her hand when you are in danger or when you have a hard time. And also he/she does not think twice to join your enemy to make your life more miserable

As a taker

Some may always try to take benefits from you. They may take advantage of your kindness. They may try to act as if they have faced a huge problem and they need some money but at the end of the day they may not even try to return it .Some may help you only thinking  if they help you now,what they can achieve in future. and some may expect more by helping little And also they always expect help from you if they have helped you once in their lifetime even a little.And also if you are unable to help them back they will bad mouth you or try to make you feel bad in any kind of way. Some may help only thinking it as their duty or due to fear and not thinking about you or not as a well-wisher


Kick you when they achieve the goal

Sometimes they take help from you to be successful in their life. You may be the one who helped them to achieve their every goal. You may be the one who is with them from the beginning when they have nothing or when they start something in life but when they achieve their goal they will forget you but the worst thing is they will make sure to keep all chances  away which need you to go for your success.

In accordance with these now you can decide whether you have any kind of toxic friend or you yourself were a toxic friend to others.

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