When did you say to your wife I LOVE YOU last? one hour ago? Yesterday? One week , one month or one year ago? Or else you even do not remember when you said it last.

Do you remember ? when she was your girlfriend,  you did everything for her , you had a chat with her even whole day without getting bored, told each and everything happened throughout the day, listened to whatever the rubbish she told without complaining, went to meet her without thinking how far she was living, planned how you surprise her and what you gift her .

However, is everything happening the same as after the marriage also?

If yes, then this is not for you.. this is about you my friend.

 but if the answer is no, then…..

just take a minute and tap on your heart and ask that do you treat your wife same as you did when she was your girlfriend ,

If  the answer is no, and you still think that you did miss something after the marriage and you want to do something for your wife ,then this is for you.

After the marriage, you become the man of her life, her first priority. Basically you are her everything. Therefore, always try doing best in every possible way you could and try to make her feel special at least by a word.

Be a good listener

This is a big part of becoming a great husband for your lovely wife.

You are the only person she can share everything without having a second thought, without being judged. You should never ever take your bad day home with you. Because your wife eagerly waits until you come home after work to share each and everything that happened throughout the day. You may be very tired and you may want to have a good nap. But still if you can listen to her happily with an active listening  without being annoyed, without getting bored then that would  be enough for them to forget all fatigue , pain and sorrow she went through during the day in one second and it will give her so much pleasure and a very well satisfied day. 

Make her feel special

Always make her feel that she is the best thing ever happened in your life. Tell that you love her at every possible time. Just admire her every effort and always share each and everything that happened during the day, your every thought, every plan, and take her opinion or perspective before making decisions and always try to give her importance as well as her ideas.

For a change, you can take her for dinner, for a long drive or you can take her out for a holiday. If she awakes late at night for any work then you can just accompany her, at least you can make her a cup of tea to show your love and affection for her. These kinds of small things can make your married life beautiful.

You should never forget the best days of her life like her birthday, your wedding anniversary and try to surprise her at least with a small gift but I am pretty sure she only cares about your effort not what you have gifted.

If you can make her feel that you will always be with her no matter what and not let her feel alone not only by words , but by your actions then ,that is the best gift you could ever give her in her entire life.

Help her in every possible way

During your holidays you can help her for household work at least a bit but trust me she only wants you to be with her, sit beside her while she does work and it would be like rain for a desert . Your beloved wife may sleep very late after doing all the work, after washing all the utensils, after cleaning the whole kitchen. So at least you can make the bed tea and offer her to make her feel special and also you can prepare your office wear, iron your clothes without troubling her. At least you can help to make the bed, keep the towel and your night suit in the proper place. You know, the simplest gestures can change your whole life easily.

Accept her

Your wife may not be as beautiful as when she was your girlfriend. She may become fat. She may lose her beautiful figure after she has children, She may not maintain her skin ,hair as before due to workload , children work or due to stressful life. But whatever the reason and however they look, you should accept her, encourage her and should help her to accept or adapt to these changes in body . However if she is trying to fight with these problems you should help her in every possible way.

Respect her

If you think you should be respected the same way your wife also should be respected. The way you behave with your wife, the way you respect your wife is a complete reflection of your parent’s upbringing. You should not talk to her rudely, should not have a quarrel unnecessarily and you should behave with her properly especially in front of your family members and friends. However if she is at fault just calmly and personally make her understand it. You should never ever make fun of her or her habits with anyone else with or without her presence

Be faithful

“Do what you say and say what you do” as a good husband you should be always faithful to your wife.it will dramatically balance your life and you will have a peaceful life.

So these are the few qualities that any good husband should have.if you think you can add few other qualities feel free to comment.

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