Intentions are like seeds. As soon as they’re planted, their possibility of growth is present. But, like seeds, there is something else necessary to prevent that potential from becoming dormant. It must be soil, soil that is fertile and conducive to development.

Acceptance is the seed in which we can plant our new plans. As we have all been in the past, the new beginnings that occur within our own lives (whether they’re the beginning of healthier, new routines, or life-changing events like the movie or the beginning of a new relationship) are never they were snatched from the shadows. No matter how small, welcoming and not so, exciting life-changing events occur because something else is over.

What do you do to know when it is time to end something or when you’re finished with a relationship, problem, or even a task? This three-step process will help you write the final sentences in old chapters to create new ones.

You can name it. Speak out about what’s happening. The power of the spoken word. It gives thoughts and ideas a life. When you announce that something has ended, you’re giving life to your plans to express it and identify it. The act of saying, “Today, I am ending XYZ. This is the last time I’m participating in XYZ.” set the stage for change. It’s the initial step to making the process of action.

Define the situation. Define what’s going to end and what’s not and what you’d like to occur in the next. It doesn’t matter if it’s old ideas, behavior, or relationships. Providing details will establish the context for the ending of what’s happening and what’s required to be done to ensure a positive start. This helps to anchor the end to something real. Being able to describe the situation ideally will make everything clear, focused and thus achievable. Ambiguity is the perfect companion to chaos.

Claim it. You are honoring what’s coming to an end regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. If the result is negative, then accepting it with a sense of urgency and understanding that you’re in preparation for a better future or taking away the lesson can help you move on from difficult situations. To make positive ends, planting the marker of time creates an ideal milestone that you can always think about. Celebrations of the occasion, like celebrating whenever you relocate, can be an excellent method to put a beautiful bow to those unforgettable career milestones.

If you’re unable to find a reason to continue, you need to find a reason to begin again. There is a vast distinction between surrendering and beginning with a fresh start in the correct direction. Three simple words will free the past regrets and lead you towards a new, positive beginning. These are the words: “From now on …”

From today from now.

Let the things that you cannot control let them go. Most things are indeed an aspect of your daily life because you are constantly contemplating them. Positive events occur within your own life when you mentally remove yourself from harmful elements. Stop clinging to the things that make you hurt and let go of those that feel right. Don’t let things outside of your control get in the way of things you are in control of. Read The Success Principles.

Accept and accept reality. It’s simple. Everything happens to you, not because of you. Everything happens precisely at the right time, not too early or too late. You gain something in return; for everything you win, you’ll lose another thing. You don’t need to be a fan of this. It’s simpler if you choose to. Be aware of your perspective on your life. You have the option of remorse or being happy; it’s your decision.

Change your mind. Change is similar to breathing. It is not an element of the process, and it’s the process. The only thing that we can depend on is the possibility of change. The first step to positively changing is to alter your perspective. Make yourself ready for positive things to happen. Make plans for the future. Let the unknown lead you to new and undiscovered areas within yourself. It is impossible to grow without changing. If you can’t alter your thinking, you cannot change anything in your life. Sometimes all you have to do is consider issues from another angle.

Be awestruck by the positive aspects. – When life’s challenges force you to fall into a hole so deep you’re blind to darkness, do not waste your energy trying to find to get out. Since if you go about digging in the darkness, you’ll head in the wrong direction and will only go deeper into the hole. Instead, use the power you have in reaching out to bring some good things into your life. Because goodness is radiant, its light will reveal the way to go and show you the proper route to get you to the destination you desire. Read Learned Optimism.

Regroup and take a break. – Strength isn’t about carrying the burden of grief or shame. It’s about making a choice, living with the consequences and taking lessons from them. Sometimes, you are doing the best you can but come up with messy results. If it happens to you, do not get discouraged. You’ve made it. This is all you could ever accomplish. You’ve not failed. You’ve just learned what not to do. Therefore, take a break, regroup, and start using the knowledge you have acquired.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. – Making a significant life change or attempting something new may be frightening. However, do you know the terrifying thing? Regret. It is essential to realize that most of your fears are more significant in your mind than they are. You’ll discover this yourself once you confront them. Don’t let them hold you back. Be the best version of yourself so that you will never regret the opportunities you didn’t take, the love you didn’t allow in, or the gifts you did not give out. Read The Magic of Thinking Big.

Keep going up. – Every person at the highest point of the mountain didn’t drop from the sky. The best things happen to people who are working to achieve them. You build confidence and become more robust with each experience where you challenge yourself to achieve things you never thought you could achieve. If you’re in the middle, not being able or willing to move backwards yet not willing to take a step forward, be aware that you won’t be able to take in the view unless you are determined to climb.


Recognize what you’ve learned. It is not more stunning and powerful than a smile which has battled through the tears. Do not regret the time you spent, even if the moments were shattered. Smile because you have learned through it and gained the courage to rise above it. In the final analysis, it’s not the experience you’ve gone through that determines the person you are, but the way you dealt with it that made you who you are today and the person you’re likely to be tomorrow.

Be aware that every step is essential. – Nothing is ever right. Every effort is an opportunity to learn from the previous one we make. Everything you did today was a necessary step in the direction of the next day. Be proud of your accomplishments. Perhaps you’re not the best you’d like to be or as impressive as you’ll one day be, but due to every lesson you’ve picked up in the process, you’re so much more capable than you used to be.

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